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学术前沿讲座——Strategic Alliances in Platform Open Al Ecosystems



Strategic Alliances in Platform Open Al Ecosystems


Joshua lgnatius英国阿斯顿大学,商学院








In the dynamic environment of open Al platforms, the presentation will dissect the multifaceted relationship between developers and platforms, focusing on integration, the challenges and prospects that arise from such an ecosystem, and the strategic decisions that developers must navigate. We anticipate and spotlight the case of a seasoned app developer, previously entrenched in providing specialized proprietary applications--an arrangement comparable to wholesale contracts. Now the developer is poised to introduce a new application intended to operate alongside the platform's proprietary offerings, situation analogous to the introduction of private-label goods within conventional retail markets. Our discourse will delve into the strategic dynamics between the developer’s distribution choices (whether to pursue direct sales or forge partnerships) and the AI platform’s propensity for sharing critical user engagement and demand data. This policy of information sharing becomes a pivotal point for discussion, influencing the developer’s market strategies and positioning within the Al platform’s ecosystem. The presentation aims to foster a rich dialogue with scholars and practitioners from the realm of supply chain contracts and coordination who are seeking to understand and transition into the domain of open Al systems. We will draw parallels to traditional supply chain mechanisms, offering potential insights into how these principles can be adapted and applied within the context of Al platforms and app development.


Joshua lgnatius博士是英国阿斯顿大学商学院运作与商务分析教授,曾任英国华威大学供应链分析的副教授、埃克塞特大学商学院研究方法中心联合主任。曾为lntelDellMotorolaJabilSunitomo等国际企业的服务部门和生产部门提供供应链与物流运作专家决策支持系统研发咨询工作。其研究兴趣主要包括:质量安全供应链、可持续供应链、群决策方法、战略与创新等领域的决策方法与系统开发。他目前已在国际重要和主流学术期刊上发表论50余篇文,其中ABS4期刊7篇、ABS 3期刊近10篇,发表的期刊包括:European Journal of OperationalResearchInternational Journal of Production EconomicsTransportation Research Part EComputers in Human Behavior等。曾获得英国工程和自然科学研究委员会、英国皇家学会等机构的基金资助。