Academic Lectures

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    Speaker:Zhang Jun (Fudan University)Moderator:Yuan Jianhong, Liu Xiuyan (Southeast University)Time:3:00-5:00 pm, Beijing TimeDate: May 28th, 2022Tencent Meeting ID:969-161-047Abstract:The World Input-Output Table (WIOD-SEA) and the annual provincial data of the National Bureau of Statistics both show that Chinas labor income share has changed from falling to rising after 2007. Considering that various shocks will affect the share of labor compensation in China from falling to rising, it is neces
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    Speaker: Sun Weizeng (Central University of Finance and Economics)Commentators:Liu Xiuyan, Gao Yanyan (Southeast University)Time:10:00am-11:30am, Beijing TimeDate:May 26th, 2022 (Thursday)Tencent Meeting ID:506-180-438Abstract:The development of high-speed rail has witnessed the rapid economic growth of China in the past two decades and has received wide attention from the international community and academia. In the context of accelerating the construction of a large national unified market in