Academic Lectures:Container Yard Crane Scheduling and Some Operational Challenges
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Report Title: Container Yard Crane Scheduling and Some Operational Challenges

Reporter(Institution): Dr. Yong Wu (Griffith University, Australia)

Time:,6th March, 2014

Location: B-201, Building of Economics & Management, Jiulonghu Campus

Abstract:Container terminals play a very important role in the global trade and their importance will only grow as the global trade volume continues to rise. Within a container terminal, the operations can be very complex due to the large number of containers handled, number and type of equipment used and more importantly, the interdependence and interference between and among different pieces of equipment. In this talk, we will focus on the scheduling of yard cranes within a particular yard block, as a small part of a large complex system. Mathematical models will be presented and heuristics approaches will be discussed. Some operational challenges within the yard, as well as at the terminal level, will also be discussed with a couple of potential solutions provided.