The Four Times Crossing Chi Shui He River is now facing global business elite.
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   To celebrate the 81st anniversary of the Long March by the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants, China together with North America Endurance Aventure, Zunyi Tourism Industry Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and Guizhou BC & TV Information Network Co., Ltd. holds Asia’s top endurance multi-sports challenge in the ChiShui He river valley to memorial Red Armys 4 times crossing ChiShui He river.

   SEU MBA team ledby the tenth president of MBA student union Mr Wang Guan, with team memeber Gu Aifeng, Liu Minsong, Wang Lingyu, Lu Chenghao, Wei Song joint this competition.The team memebers worked together, complete the entire event and achieved remarkable results.Their exellent work fully demonstrated the inspiring presence of Southeast Universitys MBA students.