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Extracurricular Activities

The School of Economics and Management, Southeast University firmly believes that the cultivation of students should always be the primary function of the School, thus attaching great importance to the training of the students’ various abilities and quality, encouraging pedagogical experimentation and enhancing teaching quality. The School accelerates the construction of characteristic specialties and professional brand building, and regards the construction of quality courses and dissertation works as its major tasks to further improve the quality of personnel training. In the undergraduate program, implementing the teaching policy of “Consolidating foundation, Promoting interdisciplinary integration and penetration, Strengthening foreign language and computer literacy, Laying stress on the combination of theories and practice”, the School makes a selection of more than ten core courses for all undergraduate students of the School, thus overcoming the barriers between various disciplines and setting up the uniform “teaching platform”. Relying upon this, the School establishes each specialty for each major according to the demand of society and has spared no efforts in forming its own outstanding features and constantly improving teaching quality. The School pays equal attention to undergraduate programs and graduate programs. All graduate students in the School participate in the researches of their tutors and are ushered directly to the frontiers of academic research. Quite a few students have made marvelous achievements even before graduation. The MBA and EMBA programs have made rapid progress and witnessed continuous improvement on training quality and formed its own distinguishing characteristics.
The School focuses on students' overall quality training to “pioneer an entrepreneurial path and establish a first-class brand”, and creates “pioneer” talents of economics and management. The School organizes all students to participate actively in a series of “Pioneers of Economics and Management” professional quality training programs, and gain the upgrade of overall quality. Our students have won many awards and honors in competitions from both home and abroad and in contests at various levels.  From 2000 to 2011, our students have gained six Gold Awards (one First Prize), four Silver Awards and three Bronze Awards of National Students Challenge Cup Business Plan Competition, one Grand Prize and two First-class Prizes of National College Students “Challenge Cup” Extracurricular Scientific and Technological Works Contest, one First Prize(tied for first place)in National MBA Management Contest, Excellent Prize in International Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge Competition (the best prize for mainland institutes of higher learning); they have actively participated in disciplinary contests such as extracurricular scientific and technological works contests, national English contests, CCTV English contests and national logistics design contests, and all kinds and levels of theatrical festivals and sport meets of the University, in Jiangsu Province, in China and even in the Pan-Pacific Area and won many awards in many competitions. A set of students and classes have won the awards of Outstanding Student Leaders (Merit Students) and Advanced Class Groups of Jiangsu Province, and our school ranks first in the university in terms of the number of students winning various prizes .
The School trains students with a solid theoretic background, strong analytic abilities to solve problems, a wide field of vision, high comprehensive quality and good adaptability. There are a high proportion of undergraduates to enter for the examination for graduate admission and a high employment rate of graduates who have found satisfied jobs and are widely acclaimed by employers. The School has cultivated not only renowned economists like Hua Sheng and Zhong Wei who have gained great academic reputation, but also young talented people like Ye Mao, the first director of board from mainland of China in the history of the Ivy League, and Wang Yikai, a self-star of the first “Nanjing Good Youth”.


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