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The EMBA program of our school is mainly designed for successful senior executives, aiming at nurturing leader personages in the field of industry and commerce who are possessed of global vision, familiar with current technological information and proficient in modern management ideas. In other words, it aims at improving those executive elites’ ability to catch business opportunities, keep away from risks and take command of overall situations in the present age when the scientific and technological development continues to innovate, market situations are complicatedly changeable, and opportunities and challenges co-exist. Through this unique training model, those entrepreneurs and senior managers who are in the workplace step into the famous century-old university which has deep knowledge accumulation. They can have close contact with some great management experts, famous scholars and outstanding entrepreneurs to seek advice, share experiences, improve theory, and thereby progressing from success to excellence.
 The EMBA training program is supported by the solid science and engineering background and high-quality production, education and research platform of our university, bringing together the resources of world's top scientists, well-known economists and management experts, bankers, outstanding entrepreneurs as well as their wisdom, dedicating its efforts to cultivate high-level strategic management elites. In the present time, the distinguishing and social-leading EMBA with Southeast University characteristics, which keeps abreast with the world’s scientific and technological trend, management think tank and financial capital platform, has begun to take shape.

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