SEU-Monash Joint Master Degree
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Brief Introduction of Discipline
The major in International Trade offered by Southeast University obtained the accreditation of granting master’s degree in 1997. This major, whose main task is to cultivate high-level specialists to be engaged in international trade, international business management and international investment for foreign trade companies, large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and governmental agencies, have yielded fruitful and significant research achievements in the field of international economic and technological cooperation, developmental strategies for international businesses, urban and regional competition researches, industrial division in open conditions, regional economic development and so on.

In the aspect of cultivating talents, the students are warmly welcomed by employers, thanks to their good command of solid professional knowledge and boast strong practical abilities, excellent English, as well as wide adaptabilities. As to the academic staff of this major, most of them are doctor’s degree holders, with four professors, eight associate professors, and one expert enjoying special allowance from the government. The teachers have not only wide experience in teaching, but also strong research capabilities. They have undertaken vast independent research projects and conducted joint research programs including national funds projects, with remarkable research results, many of which have been adopted by the government and extended profound influences in society as a whole.



Training Objectives

 Students will master solid and systematic theories of international economics and trade, grasp the developmental trends in the discipline of international trade, have the ability of analyzing particular problems both in theory and in practice by employing comprehensive knowledge and modern technologies, and accumulate the ability of policy analysis and business operations. Moreover, students will have a good command of basic theories of international business operations, familiarize themselves with the management and operations of foreign trade corporations, grasp the principles of competition strategies and core competitiveness of international businesses, as well as learn theories and methods of market analyses and restructures. To reach higher level than average master degree holders, the students are expected to be able to use English skillfully in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating for practical purposes.




      (First-class discipline contains a maximum of 10 research directions. Second-class discipline generally has 3-4 research directions.

01 International Trade Theory and Policy

02 The Transnational corporations and International Business Strategy

03 The Industry Competitiveness in the Open Economy

04 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Regional Economic Development



Thesis Requirement

Literature Reading

        Students are required to read at least 30 literatures on topics related to their thesis and research direction including 15 literatures in foreign languages and to write a literature overview.

Thesis Writing

In addition to compliance with the provisions of school, thesis must be written in a systematic and complete manner, presenting clear concepts, correct argument, realistic description, concise writing structure, smooth and concise writing style, correct calculation, reliable data, and clear icons.

Thesis Evaluation

Thesis should be written based on students’ own study and research. The findings presented in the thesis should have higher academic value and positive impact on economic development of China. Students are required to conduct at least one year research and to publish at least one paper, desirably in English, in the area of their disciplines before being eligible for applying for a Master's degree.



Training Period

       Generally, the students are expected to graduate in 2 or 2.5 years, longest may delay for 4 years.