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In 1985, the School established the Department of Management Science and Engineering. Based upon this department, the School of Management was formally established in August 1987. In October 1991, the School of Economics and Management was established.

Now the School has eight academic departments, and they are: Department of Management Science and Engineering, Department of International Economics and Trade, Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance, Department of Accounting, Department of Economics, Department of E-Business, and Department of Logistic Management Engineering. The School offers three PhD programs (including post-doctoral stations):Management Science & Engineering, Applied Economics and Systems Engineering. The School offers sixteen master’s degree programs including Management Science and Engineering, Systems Management, Systematical Analysis and Integration, International Economics and Business, Industrial Economics, Finance, Regional Economics, National Economics, Business Administration, Technical Economics and Management, Accounting, Master of International Business, Master of Assets Evaluation, Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Business Administration (MBA and EMBA). Also, the School offers nine undergraduate programs including Information Management and Information Systems, International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Financial Engineering, Economics, Electronic Business and Logistic Management. Now, the School is staffed with about 129 full-time faculty members. Among them there are 31 full professors and 53 associate professors. The School has total enrollment of more than 1,300 undergraduate students, postgraduates (including doctoral and master degree students, MBA and EMBA students). Now, the Dean of the School is Professor Zhao Lindu and the Secretary of the School’s Party Committee is Professor Zhong Weijun.

The School of Economics and Management boasts an excellent faculty, modern teaching facilities and fine education traditions. The School has a good tradition of attaching great importance to teaching, putting emphasis on culturing students in all aspects, fostering pedagogical reforms. Its students are equipped with solid theoretic background and strong analytic abilities to solve problems and possess a wide field of vision and good adaptability. Over 98% of the graduates can find their job in one attempt. Postgraduate students are in great demand and enjoy a wide welcome by various employers. In addition, the School has enjoyed good cooperative relationships with some business schools in USA, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. in many fields such as talent training programs and joint scientific researches.

  The School of Economics and Management always places academic construction and scientific research in an important position. By focusing on academic construction, the school accelerates the development of talent training and scientific research. With the efforts for many years, the School of Economics and Management has grown up into a school covering Economics, Management, and Engineering with a complete and reasonable department structure and has formed its own department features and competitive advantages. As to scientific research, the school is committed to serving the economic construction and aiming at solving major practical problems encountered by the country, regions and enterprises during their economic development and operational management. In recent years, the School has presided lots of research projects and key projects subsidized by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Education of China, National Soft Science Foundation and Social Science Key Project Foundation in Jiangsu Province and has made fruitful research achievements of high academic level, which represent the frontier and directions of academic study.


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