The discipline in Economics is one of the key disciplines in the School. There are three academic departments including the Dept. of International Economics and Trade, the Dept. of Finance and the Dept. of Economics, and the Center for Industrial Economic Research. This discipline offers a PhD program in first-grade discipline in Applied Economics(subsuming doctorate degree programs of the second grade disciplines such as International Trade, Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, Finance and etc.)and six master’s degrees including International Trade, Finance, Regional Economics, National Economics, Master of International Business and Master of Assets Evaluation. It has characteristic specialties of Finance and International Economics and Trade in Jiangsu Province. This discipline has developed rapidly in recent years and a lot of achievements have marked the beginning of the prosperity of this discipline in the following areas:  theories of International Trade, International Investing, urban and regional competitiveness, division of labor and regional development in open environment, monopoly economics and industrial organizations and corporate technology innovation. A number of key research projects have been acquired in the public bidding issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Jiangsu Provincial Government. This discipline is the recipient of many honors and prizes including Second and Third Class Prizes of Jiangsu Advance of Science and Technology, First-class Prize in Jiangsu Provincial Social Sciences Research Excellence. Some high level academic papers and works which draw the attention of the domestic colleagues have been published on the most prestigious academic journals such as China Social Sciences, Economic Research Journal, Management World, Journal of Management Sciences in China,The Journal of World Economy, China Industrial Economy and China Economic Quarterly, etc. And the department of Applied Economics ranks the 18th in the national evaluation of the discipline.