The Department is a much early one in China and the first one in Jiangsu Province to set up a PhD program and post-doctoral station of Management Science and Engineering. It has a post-doctoral station, PhD and master’s degree programs in the first-grade discipline of Management Science and Engineering, master’s degree programs in Industrial Engineering and Professional Engineering and undergraduate programs in Information Management and Information Systems. In recent years, it initially forms five research directions of Information Management and Information Systems, Emergency Management and Financial Engineering, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Knowledge and Technological Innovation Management and Theory, Methods and Applications of Uncertainty Decision.

The Discipline of Management Science and Engineering is the key construction discipline of “Eleventh Five-Year Project” and “Twelfth Five-Year Project” of Jiangsu Province. It ranked 15 in the China Discipline Ranking of Management Science and Engineering in 2007. Some of the academic research achievements have been published on domestic and foreign high-level academic journals such as Operations Research, Transportation Science, the Naval Research, the Logistic and Management Science. There is a doctoral dissertation receiving the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Nomination Award and several papers are awarded outstanding doctoral and master thesis in Jiangsu Province. Three graduates later gain access to funding from National Outstanding Youth Foundation. There are a large number of graduates taking important positions and becoming backbones in management in colleges and universities, government departments and enterprises.