The discipline in Management Science is one of the advantageous disciplines in the School. There are three academic departments including the Dept. of Management Science and Engineering, the Dept. of Logistic Management Engineering, the Dept. of E-Business and the Institute of System Engineering. This discipline offers two PhD programs including Management Science & Engineering and Systems Engineering together with the respective two post-doctoral programs and three M.S. degrees including Management Science and Engineering, Systems Management, Systematical Analysis and Integration. It has a professional brand of Information Management and Information Systems and a characteristic specialty of Logistics Management in Jiangsu Province. Some outstanding advantages can be found in this discipline in such areas as management information system, modern managerial quantitative analysis technology, industrial safety, social-economic system analysis and decision, intellectual transportation system and finance engineering. A large number of key scientific projects have been accomplished which are subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Provincial Government and National Natural Science Foundation, etc. This discipline is the recipient of many honors and prizes including Second Class Prize of National Advance of Science and Technology, Special-class Prize of Electromechanical Department Advance of Science and Technology and First-class Prize, Jiangsu Advance of Science and Technology.  Faculties in this discipline have published many high-level papers in both international and national academic publications and some influential monographs. The discipline enjoys a high prestige in fostering the students’ abilities and forming its comprehensive advantages among colleagues all over the country.