Academic Lectures:Reliable Transportation Network Design Under Stochastic
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Report Title: Reliable Transportation Network Design Under Stochastic Travel Demand
Reporter(Institution): Lin Hongzhi(Department of Management Science & Engineering ,The Soutneast University)
Time:,13th March, 2014
Location: B-201, Building of Economics & Management, Jiulonghu Campus
Abstract:As the increase of time value and the loss of unexpected late, there is growing concerns on the reliability of the transportation network, which has become an important criteria of transportation service level. There are two main sources of unreliable which are travel demand uncertainty and road capacity uncertainty. We just take the stochastic travel demand for consider in this article. There are many sources of uncertainty in demand, such as the uncertain size and structure of socio-economic activities (population, land use, vehicle ownership, etc.), the uncertain trip rate, and travel decision is also random from a point of activity-based theory. The origin-destination trip matrices are taken as random variables with known probability distributions here. We propose a formulation of the reliable network design problem and develop a methodology based on Monte carol simulation and genetic algorithm. The results of different test networks highlight the importance of accounting robustness in transportation planning and the proposed approach is capable of producing high-quality solutions.