The School of Economics and Management of SEU Awarded 2015 Excellent Annual Assessment
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 In February, 2016, SEU held the meeting of annual assessment, which issued Ranking Files for Assessment of the Department of SEU and sent the notification for each apiece. Our school rank 14 among 31 different schools and departments. With the permission of president’s office, we are awarded 2015 excellent annual assessment.


In 2015, the school of economics and management obtain 10 projects of NSFC, including one Outstanding Youth, one major project; 9 Projects of the NSSFC which includes 3 major projects and rank 10 nationwide; one university academic major project, two key projects, three general projects, 3 projects of Ministry of Education, along with other provincial items. The scientific research funds add up to 15.6989 millions yuan, which far beyond the expected goal.


In the 7th Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Awards of Colleges and Universities, two works has been awarded (He Jianmin, the 2nd prize, Chen Shumei, the 3ed prize), one thesis has been awarded as the 3ed prize (Shu Jia); Pro. Chen Shumei’s core product of the project supported by the national social science foundation in China had been published in Internal Journal of Economic Reforms, 2015, No. 10

Pro. Shu Jia has been selected as the top-notch talent in ten thousand plan of philosophy and social science, the grands for national outstanding youth funding project, the Cheung Kong Scholar; Pro. Qiubin was awarded the project fund of the 4th “333 Project” of Jiangsu Province, 2015; Pro. Li Sijie was elected in the list of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers in 2014; Pro. Feng Wei was awarded the fund from SEU outstanding young teacher teaching and scientific research plan (Type A). Dean Emerita, Pro. Hua Sheng attended the Expert Consultation Committee of deepening the medical and health system reform of the State Council, Pro. Xu Kangning was employed as the counselor of Jiangsu Provincial Government.

In 2015, under the leadership of Dean Zhao Lindu and executive Party leadership, in accordance with the concept of “Innovation is the future”. Our school forge ahead with determination, continuously promote the discipline construction, scientific study, teaching staff construction as well as school-running strategy, which has great-leap-forward development. In 2016, under the new circumstances, and in the face of new challenges, we firmly believe that under the right leadership, the members of our school united as one, we will take positive action, be pragmatic, and develop harmoniously. We certainly inaugurate bright future in every career.