SEU was Awarded as The Best Organizer of the 6th National “Hundreds of Excellent Management Cases”
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The 2016 annual joint meeting of the national MBA training for deans of school of management was held in Xi’an Jiaotong University on Apr. 7, 2016. Pro. Chen Zhibin, the deputy secretary of School of Economics and Management of SEU, and Yao Jianping from MBA centre of SEU attended this meeting.

One of the important agenda is to commend the 6th National “Hundreds of Excellent Management Cases”. Due to our outstanding organization work in the evaluation process, SEU was awarded as the “Best Organizer”. “The Collision and Fusion across Chinese and Western Culture--- The Record of the Culture Adaptive Process of the first Expatriate Executives in MMG”, a case written by Zhou Lulu was selected as one of those excellent cases.