Task Assignment with Travel Time and Purity
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ReportTitle:Task Assignment with Travel Time and Purity

Reporter(Institution):Pro. Liang Zhe(Tongji University)

Time:14:00.pm,8th Nov, 2016
Location:B-201, Building of Economics & Management, Jiulonghu Campus


In this paper, we study an airport task assignment problem with travel time and purity consideration (TATTP). The aim of TATTP is to assign a set of airport tasks, such as passenger check in, package handling, etc., to a set of shifts designed for airport personnel, so that the total operation cost is minimized. We proposed two methods to solve the problem, one based on a matching model, and the other based on a set partitioning model. We proposed an integrated framework that utilize the advantages of both models. The computational results shown that the proposed framework can obtain optimal solutions for very large real-life problems in a reasonable time.