Big Data Application in Supply Chain and Research Opportunities
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Big Data Application in Supply Chain and Research Opportunities


Dr Li Zhou (University of Greenwich,英国)

Dr. Petros Ieromonachou (University of Greenwich,英国),17th Nov, 2016

Location:B-201, Building of Economics & Management, Jiulonghu Campus


Big data is revolutionizing supply chain. It has significantly changed the way of how people doing business and how people managing their supply chains. The presentation starts from a brief introduction of supply chain and big data 5Vs’ features. It then illustrates how big data have been applied in supply chain management in order to improve performance. The industrial cases are provided to demonstrate how big data are implemented and how it revolutionises supply chain management in terms of contextual intelligence, supplier network, advanced analytics, risk management, optimisation, and so on. We then discuss the challenges in the course of big data implementation, such as value creation, investment, change management, technique maturity, infrastructure, etc. These challenges, in turn, also bring research opportunities which will be discussed during the presentation.


Dr Li Zhou (周莉) is a reader in Operations Management in the Department of Systems Management & Strategy, Business School, University of Greenwich. She is the founder and director of the Supply Chain Management research group at the Business School. Lis principal research interests lie in the field of operations management, specifically sustainable supply chain management and reverse logistics. The focus of her research has been on modelling and simulating supply chains and reverse logistics systems to analyse their economic performance.  She has had excellent opportunities to teach a variety of courses and do research in different universities in China, Sweden and the UK. She has acted in several different leadership roles during her international career. So far, she has had about 90 articles published in various forms including journal papers, edited book chapters, and conference papers. She is also a regular reviewer for a number of international journals.

Dr. Petros Ieromonachou is the Head of Department of Systems Management and Strategy. He is a research active academic with wide ranging interests and experience - transportation policy and management, energy and sustainable development, strategic niche analysis, urban planning for smart cities. Dr Ieromonachou has written, managed and delivered various courses on transport and logistics. Previously, Dr Ieromonachou worked at the Open University, where currently acting as a visiting Research Fellow in the Design Group of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing & Technology. Dr Ieromonachou has been involved in projects for the Department for Transport (UK) and the Energy Savings Trust. Dr Ieromonachou's doctorate was in transport policy implementation and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and Atkins.