Notice for Further Implementing the Epidemic Prevention among Students in the School of Economics and Management

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To all classes:

Since recently students often leave campus without asking for permission or resumption of leave, the problem of people concealing, neglecting and lying about their past whereabouts frequently occurs. To further implement the COVID-19 prevention in universities and ensure the safety of pupils, we, according to the “Regulation of Administration of Postgraduates' Enrollment Status in SEU”, “Regulation of Disciplinary Punishments of students in SEU” and “Programme of Preventing COVID-19’s Infection in SEU”, hereby highlight relevant regulations as follows and ask for everyone’s abidance:

  1. All registered students shall strictly obey the school rules, which means applying in our online system whenever planning to go outside the campus. If you decide to stay out for more than one day or leave Nanjing, you shall ask for permission of leaving by following the certain procedures of the school. Your nucleic acid test result is needed when you are about to return to campus, as well as your application of returning. When you get back, please remember to ask for the resumption of leave timely.

  1. Every student shall keep themselves well informed of the epidemic prevention notices. After your counselor issues relevant information, you shall immediately report your recent trips and past whereabouts within 24 hours if there’s an overlap with those of the infected, without any concealing, neglection or falsehoods.

If these regulations are found violated by any student, certain misdoing shall be reported to the school’s epidemic prevention leading group. Students will receive a notice of criticism after the group’s discussion and are banned from getting all prices and rewards during the following six months. To those whose violations are even worse, they will receive disciplinary punishments. We ask for every student to stay by the school rules and strengthen their awareness of epidemic control, which can be your contribution to the overall COVID-19 prevention.

The Epidemic Prevention Leading Group of the School of Economics and Management

February 25th, 2022