Comprehensive Management of Internet Information Service Algorithms

Publisher:孙靓Publish Date:2022-09-28Views:18

Speaker: Yin Zhiyi, Senior Engineer (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Commentators: Professor Liu Xiaoxing, Associate Professor Yin Wei (Southeast University)

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Date: September 29th, 2022 (Thursday)

Tencent Meeting ID: 609-865-815


Focusing on the chaotic problems of illegal behaviors, harmful and inappropriate content, false content generation, network ecological deformity, information island cocoon, algorithm prejudice and discrimination, and algorithm hegemony monopoly on the Internet platform, this report put forward governance suggestions such as algorithm regulation, algorithm filing, algorithm risk monitoring, algorithm inspection, and algorithm security assessment, so as to improve the technical management and network governance capabilities of regulatory authorities, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of netizens, and create a clear and clean cyberspace.

About Speaker:

In 2010, she graduated from the School of Computer Science of Wuhan University with a doctorate degree in Computer Application Technology. From 2010 to 2020, she worked in a ministry of the state and was responsible for cutting-edge technology research and foreign scientific research cooperation. She was transferred to the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in June 2020 as a senior engineer and a master's supervisor. Her research interests are social computing and network security. She presided over or participated in 8 national, provincial, and ministerial scientific research projects, published several scientific papers and a national patent, and trained 2 masters and 10 targeted doctoral students. As a manager of two joint laboratories of the Institute of Information Technology and National Security Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, she led the two joint laboratories to obtain nearly 100 million scientific research funds, and led the team to develop a number of business systems to effectively support major projects and special work, which has been highly appraised by central leaders and department leaders.

Translated by: Wang Xuanyu

Reviewed by: Li Zhaoting