School of Economics of Shenzhen University visited our school to carry out student work exchange research and seminar activities

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On the morning of November 20, Yin Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Associate Dean of the School of Economics and Management at Southeast University, and the counselor teachers of the School carried out student work exchange, research, and seminar activities with the team led by Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics at Shenzhen University. The activities took place in the Economics and Management Building of Jiulonghu Campus at Southeast University.


On behalf of the School of Economics and Management, Yin Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Associate Dean of the School, expressed a warm welcome to the visit of the delegation from the School of Economics of Shenzhen University and hoped that the two sides would strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and actively explore the cooperation mechanism, to jointly promote the development of the two sides to a new level. Deputy Secretary Yin Wei and Deputy Secretary Zhang Jianhua introduced the profiles of the two schools from the characteristics of student work, innovative talent cultivation, faculty and staff, scientific research, international cooperation, and other aspects.

In the meeting, first, as schools with a large number of students and diversified student composition, the two sides carried out exchanges on issues such as party building, moral education, and practical innovation, and explored ideas and methods to better promote the growth of outstanding students and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of students in further education and employment under the new development pattern. Teachers at our School focused on the development of "Dual Degree", "Second Degree", "E-Commerce Innovation Creativity Entrepreneurship Competition", "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities", civic education, community work, party construction, and so on. Subsequently, the student work teams of both sides discussed the key points of specific work, such as mental health education, employment guidance, response to emergencies, and supervising the progress of latecomer students, to find more effective ways and means of work.

This exchange has strengthened the friendship and cooperation between the two sides and expanded the working ideas. In the future, our school will continue to strengthen the construction of the academic work team, and actively communicate with economic and management schools and universities to share learning, identify problems, develop thinking, condense consensus, cooperate and exchange in the development, and make progress hand in hand.

Contributed by: Student Work Office

Translated by: Luo Jiaoying

Reviewed by: Wang Xuanyu