Our Undergraduate Maker Team Won the Gold Award for College Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Projects at the 8th Ririshun Maker Training Camp in 2023

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On November 19, 2023, the 8th Ririshun Maker Training Camp "C Rotation Training" - Society Training Camp ended successfully in Wuxi, Jiangsu.The project proposed by Wu Chenghui, Xue Bo, Yu Longfu, Ruan Xiaohe, and Zhang Zixuan, five undergraduates majoring in logistics management, was guided by Li Sijie, a teacher from the Department of Logistics Management Engineering of our college. Under the joint review of expert judges and enterprise tutors, the research on the Innovation of Full Chain Delivery Operation Mode Based on AI Algorithm Intelligent Decision successfully broke into the "C Rotation Training" after the enterprise research team in the links of "Seed Set", "Angel Study", "A Round Research" and "B Round Creation" set up project research and roadshow and won the 2023 Ririshun Maker Training Camp. Teacher Li Sijie from our college has been awarded the titles of "Excellent Guidance Teacher" and "Excellent Mentor", and Southeast University has been awarded the Excellent Organization Award. This is also the third time our undergraduate team has won the National Gold Award at the Ririshun Maker Training Camp.

Since 2016, the Ririshun Maker Training Camp has been successfully held for eight sessions, promoting talent cultivation in the logistics industry and the transformation of related achievements. Currently, it has accumulated 355 entrepreneurial projects, incubated 42 landing application projects, and applied for 103 national patents.The theme of this Maker Training Camp is "Chasing the Light and Creating, Youth is Promising", providing research topics based on actual business scenarios, exploring new directions for college student entrepreneurship, and helping to successfully incubate and implement college student entrepreneurship projects. Our young makers compete and explore innovation on stage with over a hundred makers from well-known domestic universities such as Peking University, the University of Science and Technology of China, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.The competition in this training camp is particularly fierce. In the "A round of research", a total of 67 entrepreneurial teams produced proposals. After internal selection by the school and screening by the organizing committee, 43 entrepreneurial teams were successfully selected for the "B round of innovation" stage. After the B-round innovation roadshow and PK, 37 college student entrepreneurship teams ultimately won awards.

Our maker team's project "Research on Innovation of Full Chain Delivery Operation Mode Based on AI Algorithm Intelligent Decision" uses business process reengineering as the main means to build a process-oriented and visual operation platform consisting of "four modules, two algorithms, and one visualization system". Relying on industry and enterprise needs to promote innovative development, catering to customer needs, and creating personalized services, we have achieved the integration of multiple modules such as order allocation, pricing and order grabbing, performance scoring, and customer evaluation, solving the problems of low efficiency, lack of enthusiasm, and limited digital empowerment in the original distribution operation mode. Our maker team has received guidance and appreciation from professional judges and teachers for their excellent roadshow performance and attractive and innovative solutions, fully demonstrating the comprehensive quality and leading style of management pioneers of Southeast University.

Innovation and entrepreneurship have no endpoint. We look forward to our maker team taking this as a starting point, striving to explore and study hard, and achieving better results in the industry incubation stage.

(Contributed by the Department of Logistics Management Engineering)

Translated by: Wei Liqing

Reviewed by: Li Zhaoting