It was the earliest Department of Accounting in the course of modern history of China, which originated from accounting course in commercial special training course in Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1917, the predecessor of Southeast University. Pan Xulun, titled as “Father of Accounting in China” by foreign accounting field, was once the Dean of Department. At present, it offers two graduate programs in Master of Accounting and MPACC, and one undergraduate program in Accounting. Apart from its good tradition in financial accounting, the Department has formed its own distinguishing feature in government accounting, managerial accounting, corporate financing, auditing and accounting information system. The Department has presided lots of research programs that stand for the academic frontier, meet the needs of governments and enterprises. Following the teaching philosophy “Wide Scope, Valuing Basic Theories and Laying Equal Emphasis on Theory and Practice”, the Department is mainly to cultivate inter-disciplinary and advanced talents who have a solid foundation in economics, management, accounting and finance, have a good knowledge of accounting and financing and do well in management. Graduates are spoken highly of by employers.