The Department offers two undergraduate programs in Finance and Financial Engineering, two academic master’s degree programs in Finance and Industrial Economics, two professional master’s degree programs in Finance and Insurance, two PhD programs in second-grade disciplines of Applied Economics of Finance and Industrial Economics. In recent years, it has formed main research directions in the fields of risk management, international finance and capital market, group economics, industrial organization and institutional economics, presented high quality academic achievements and brought much influence in the academic community. The Department upholds the educational philosophy of “Outstanding, Internationalization and Researching”, aiming at cultivating well-qualified and inter-disciplinary specialized financial talents who can meet market needs, systematically master modern theory, methods and practical skills of finance, be capable of solving practical financial problems innovatively and be fit for working in financial institutions such as banks, security companies, insurance companies, trust institutions and foundations, and other economic management departments and enterprises to deal with micro-application, mathematical analysis and globalization.